Centrally located in Palmerston North & Feilding

Spacious, attractive, well established grounds provide both space and flow for children

Our well-established childcare settings provide an environment for children to experience a direct contact with nature, stimulating an interest in taking care of the natural environment.
Puddleducks’ educational programme is based on needs and interests of the children that are attending. Programme planning is based on the emergent curriculum and is documented in the form of learning stories. We use Storypark to enhance programme planning. Families are encouraged to support us with planning and all teachers ensure parents are kept informed of their child’s progress by regular one to one contact with the parents.



The arts are a necessary part of a child’s development and a strong aspect of Puddleducks’ philosophy. Through the arts (drama, storytelling, puppets, music, art and craft) children develop confidence in sharing their thoughts, feelings and ideas through a wide range of different mediums. Children take part in science, reading, literature, carpentry, cooking, gardening, information technology, body movement and physical education.



At the Puddleducks’ there are planned opportunities for play of the highest quality. Children have fun and learn at the same time, guided by skilled professionals who know how to extend their thinking during play. Children move between activities, exercising choices, developing independence and confidence. They learn about the world and start to understand how it works.



Yes, they play a lot –that’s why they learn such a lot too!