Creating a Foundation for Life

"Stepping Stones; the Path to the Future"


Teachers, families and children are encouraged to share ideas and contribute to Puddleducks’ within a collaborative and supportive community.


Environments are developed to provide quality resources for teachers to deliver curriculums which will enhance children’s learning within a calm, respectful, safe and inspiring environment.


Leaders listen and learn alongside teams. Distributed roles and responsibilities empower all team members to contribute to Puddleducks’ culture.

We are proud to have been a locally owned and operated family business since May 2000. We value the communities we live and work within and are focused on supporting local businesses and community services and amenities. We believe in the Manawatu and all it has to offer families.


We pride ourselves on continually enhancing our services and consistently providing the highest standards over all our centres.


Puddleducks’ Oscar Programme (POP) was established in 2000 to provide an out of school service. POP allows children and their families to maintain a connection with the Feilding centre and have a safe, fun environment after school.


Building on the success of Puddleducks’ (Feilding) planning for a new centre in Palmerston North started late in 2001. On June 10th 2002 Puddleducks’ Preschool (PN) opened.


This was followed by a Specialist Infant and Toddler centre opening adjacent to the preschool on February 2nd 2004. The two separate Albert Street centres were merged under one licence in July 2016.


An opportunity arose in late March 2005 for Puddleducks’ to provide children, their families and the community an alternative choice of philosophy. Puddleducks’ Montessori Preschool opened on May 2nd 2005.

On April 20th 2009, Puddleducks’ moved from their original site to a brand new, state of the art purpose built centre on the adjacent property, maintaining their close proximity to the central business district and Manchester Street School.


In September 2009 renovations commenced to refurbish the original Puddleducks’ Preschool at 156 Manchester Street, Feilding. Puddleducks’ Junior School opened on February 8th 2010. The two Feilding centres were merged under one licence in June 2016.