Fun @ Four


Fun @ Four is an inclusive, optional programme for four year old children

Fun @ Four empowers children to learn and grow alongside their peers. Everyday there is a session where children and teachers practice using dispositions through games. Each game has an intentional focus to engage a child’s social and emotional, physical and cognitive thinking.


At Fun @ Four we believe that children are active learners in their own community. Fun @ Four uses a variety of frameworks including Te Whaariki, Schema learning theory and Meta-cognition theory with dispositions as the core; these all support children to develop the skills they need for life.


We believe the child’s responsibility at Fun @ Four is to drive their own learning by participating in the programme in their own unique way. They will do this by sharing their ideas and working theories, listening to their peers and teachers, and challenging themselves to move forward socially and emotionally, physically, and cognitively.


The Fun @ Four programme enables children to operate and see themselves as powerful individuals in a community. Games create the optimum opportunity for learning where children develop a positive view of themselves, and gain independence within a supportive group environment.


Fun @ Four activities are embedded with literacy, numeracy, science, arts and fine & gross motor skills as well as opportunities for social and emotional development.


The Fun @ Four environment blends skills with intellectual knowledge so by the time the children are of school age, they will be well rounded individuals ready to take on a new challenge.